Here are three ways you can find success in a changing market.

What are the three main things you can do in your business to survive a shifting market? Often in the winter months, things slow down in our business. This can lead to a feeling of stress and anxiety as your leads dry up. Fortunately, you don’t have to sit idly by when this happens. Here are three things you can do to keep your real estate business going during a slowing market:

1. Understand which lead sources are netting you the best return on your investment. On our real estate team, we have over 20 lead sources that we track down to the penny. By far and away, the one that brings us our highest return on investment is working our database. Those are the people that know, like, and trust us already. Now is the time to get in touch with these people like you never have before.

“What’s the reason behind your clients’ decisions?”

2. Learn how to communicate with your database. Often, the main thing stopping us from reaching out to our database is that we don’t know what to say. You shouldn’t be trying to convince anyone to buy or sell a home. Communicating with our database is all about finding ways to give them value. If you want more information on that, we have a 12-page document called the Database Lever, which walks you exactly through the scripts and dialogs that demonstrate your value to homeowners. The point is, when they have a life change, you’ll be the first agent that they call to solve their problem. ​​​​

3. Start with “Why” in all your conversations. Your goal should be to figure out your clients’ motivations. It isn’t as simple as asking if someone is downsizing or not; you need to dig deeper. Why are they downsizing? What’s the reason behind their move? Getting down to the why will enrich your business relationship and help you build rapport. 

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