Before you let yourself get burnt out on real estate transactions, maybe you should consider hiring an administrative assistant.

We all know that you can easily lose balance between your work and private life in real estate and become exhausted when you reach a certain transaction count. A solution to this is to hire an administrative assistant. Today I want to go over the steps and guidelines that we use to hire an assistant.

1. Write your position agreement. You should generally outline the administrative tasks this person will be responsible for. This may include miscellaneous marketing tasks, listing appointment preparation, and other tasks that will be necessary for taking a transaction from contract to close.

2. Write your job ad and post it. Short and sweet is always best. Just remember to include things like the hours worked per week, a general description, and the pay range that you are going to offer. Then, make sure you also include contact information. We encourage you to post on Indeed as well as circulate it among your sphere of influence via social media and email.

3. Review your resumes. Sort through until you find ones that might be a good fit.

“We encourage you to post on Indeed as well as circulate it among your sphere of influence via social media and email.”

4. Follow up with the interview process. We recommend doing a phone screen or zoom meeting on your computer for your first interview. Then do an in-person meeting for the second interview. You will obviously want to review their resume and skill set, as well as potentially do a behavioral profile, to make sure they are the right fit for the job.

5. Make the job offer. Make sure you keep it simple. We recommend a one-page document that is a written offer outlining hours, pay, and any applicable benefits. Since I am not an HR specialist or attorney, I contact someone who is an authority to make sure I follow appropriate legal guidelines.

These are the general guidelines we use to hire administrative assistants. However, I would love to hear about any of your best practices for both hiring and for real estate.

Finally, we are doing a business building workshop each month where we focus on having a conversation locally about what it means and looks like to build a real estate team. During a two-and-a-half hour workshop, I share all my information about compensation, job description, recruiting efforts, highest return on investments for different prospecting and lead sources, etc. You are welcome to join, just contact us below.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask. We look forward to speaking with you.