With our resources, Paige now has what she needs to grow her business.

Today, our home advisor, Paige Odom, is sharing with us how she got into real estate and what it’s like to be a part of our team. 

Paige’s journey in real estate began in 2010 when she moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She was in the hospitality industry but quickly realized that she needed something with a little more stability and income. During this time, a friend, who was in the real estate business, reached out to her. Paige applied for her office and became an office assistant.

Eventually, she became a buyer’s agent on a team and went on to become an independent agent. A few years later, she moved back to Pennsylvania and followed the same career path as she did in South Carolina. While working as an independent agent, she soon realized that she was not progressing as much as she wanted in her business. She was also starting to experience a few unexpected changes in her personal life. At such a low point in her life, she thought about quitting real estate and was looking for signs to do so.

“Paige’s confidence in herself and in her business has skyrocketed since joining.”

She got that sign a few weeks later. She received a few calls from our team and soon joined us. Now she’s sure that this is exactly where she’s supposed to be in her personal and professional life.

Her main goal in her entire career has always been to make sure that her clients are very well taken care of, and that they feel supported and heard. With the education, systems, tools, and accountability that our team offers, she’s confident that she’s doing that and more.

Her confidence in herself and her business has skyrocketed since joining, and she’s forever grateful for that. She looks forward to continuing to grow personally while staying laser-focused on her business with the help of our team. She feels that the best years are yet to come and understands that she would never have experienced this had she not taken the leap in her career and made the decision to join.

As always, if you have any questions for Paige or about anything relating to real estate, call or email me or my team anytime. My number is (717) 216-0860 and my email is dave@davehooketeam.com. We look forward to hearing from you! Click here to get all of our latest community and listing updates: Facebook.com/DaveHookeTeam