Today I’m excited to share one simple tool with you that will help you increase your client retention and conversion.

Early on in my career, I learned a lot from a lot of different consultants and agents. I studied what they did and took classes. In one of my classes, we read a book about basic fundamental administration. It was like an executive assistant boot camp.

One thing I learned in that class is that there is an etiquette involved in serving people that will build their confidence and help you earn their trust very quickly. Practicing this method properly results in others seeing you as a professional and having increased confidence in your abilities.

This simple method is called “closing the loop” and it starts like this: When you have an inquiry, whether it’s a phone call, text, email, etc., the very first thing you should do is message that person back and let them know you got their message and will get back to them shortly. That simple exchange builds their confidence in your ability to serve them later on down the road. It might seem silly, but it works.

“This process is simple but effective.”

Next, you need to note that action somewhere in your calendar or wherever you keep your task list. Then, make sure you message them back the next day, whether you have an answer for them or not. If you do have an answer for them, just reach back out and let them know. If you don’t, let them know that as well.

Once you finally have an answer for the person, send them a message with the answer and ask if they need help with anything else in order to completely “close the loop.”

This might sound really simple, but executive assistants across the country have mastered this skill because it shows that they are supremely competent. That’s the same kind of vibe you want to give off to your clients.

If you have any questions for me about closing the loop or about anything else related to your real estate career, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.