How can a showing agent help you get your nights and weekends back?


I’ve been working in real estate for 20 years, and I learned early on that when I’m working with buyers and trying to serve them at the highest level, it takes a lot of time—I can’t do it all myself. So, for years, we’ve had a showing agent on our team to help assist our buyer agents with the process of finding a home. Our buyer agents still do the main part of their job—advising the clients, structuring offers, etc.—but the showing agent can provide them with massive leverage, allowing them to reserve the time they desperately need to unplug and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

To help you regain your nights and weekends, keep these four points in mind:

1. Acknowledge that you don’t have to do everything. A showing agent helps with the search and service portions of the sales process, meaning that they’re out identifying properties, showing homes, answering questions, and passing information along to you.

2. Recognize what their main job is. Early in the process (specifically during the presentation), you’ll inform the buyer that they’re working with a team, and that there will be multiple people involved in the search process. The showing agent is their go-to point of contact.

“Being clear on these four points will help you go a long way toward getting some of that much-needed work/life balance back.”

3. Understand that you’ll get more time with your family by hiring a showing agent. Before the client signs the buyer’s agency agreement during the buyer presentation, explain to the client the role of the showing agent, which is to serve them at the deepest level while allowing you to recharge as you need. Explain that they don’t need to hold back with the showing agent; they’re there for them.

4. Keep the “main thing” the main thing. You are the advisor, the negotiator—they’re hiring you for advice, education, negotiation, and things like that. Having a showing agent allows you to be better at your role in the transaction.

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