Here’s the role-play that doubled my business and can double yours too.

What live role-play can double your business within 12 months? Our team does a live role-play in our training every morning to show how we can serve our clients better and grow our business each week. The live role-play that doubled my business 15 years ago is one of the most memorable ones we train on all the time. 

We all know that growing our business is all about talking to people about real estate. One of the best things we can do is talk to people we already know, like, and trust. How do you go about that without sounding awkward or strange? 

Here’s the basic role-play:

Dave: Hey Jim, this is Dave Hooke over at Keller Williams of Central PA. How are you doing?

Jim: Good

Dave: It’s been a couple of months since we’ve done a check-in with you, and we like to call to see how your homeownership experience is going. Do you need any updates on your home, any contractors I can recommend to you, anything I can do for you?

Jim: (He’ll likely say something like) No Dave, no problems.

Dave: Well Jim, you know we’re always a phone call away if you need anything. We’re not just your Realtor during the transaction, we’re here for you during your whole homeownership experience. By the way, before I let you go, can I ask you a quick question?

Jim: Sure

Dave: Remember when you signed a buyer’s agency with me and hired me to help you find a home?

Jim: Yeah

Dave: I’m still in that business, obviously, and I have about 20 to 30 buyers who have signed with us to help them find their dream home, just like you. As you know, I’m not the type to just wait for something to come on the market. Inventory is a little short right now. Can you think of anybody in your workplace or social circles that might know of someone who has thought about selling their home in the next few months? 

He may or may not have someone in mind, but either way, I’ll thank him, and close the conversation when he’s finished speaking. 

If you lead with value, come from a place of contribution, and give, love, and serve the people you know, like, and trust, they’ll automatically think of you when it comes to real estate. However, it doesn’t hurt to tell them that you are in the brokerage business and you’re here to serve your clients. You can lead with that because we all know that our clients expect us to work hard for them. Most honestly appreciate it when I call them and explain that I could use their help. Your clients and database will appreciate that from you too. 

If you want to learn more about the five dialogues to double your business next year, just comment “five dialogues” below or private message me the same thing, and I’ll follow up and tell you all about it. If you have any other questions or needs, call me at (717) 216-0860 or email me at I would love to speak with you.