What agents need to do to find balance, freedom, and flexibility.

Today we are excited to share some very helpful information from Kelly Carothers, one of the valuable agents on our team. She has learned some important lessons throughout her real estate journey, and we know others can benefit from those lessons too. 

Kelly didn’t always know she wanted to be a Realtor. She used to be a teacher, and real estate wasn’t even on her radar, but she longed for a more flexible schedule. She then started talking to a friend who was working on our team and became intrigued, so she decided to reach out and learn more. 

Once she got her license and started working on the team, she was surprised at the amount of success the team brought her. She let the number of clients overwhelm her, and she felt like she wouldn’t be a good agent if she wasn’t available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Have you ever felt like that? If so, you know how draining that can be. It wasn’t the flexibility she was longing for. 

Then Kelly was encouraged to lean more on the resources of the team. As she learned to trust our showing agent and transaction coordinator, for example, she found the freedom she was looking for. It can take a lot to trust and let go, but she’s glad she did. Kelly says that being a part of a team has made a huge difference.

“As she learned to trust her team, Kelly found the freedom she was looking for.”

Kelly is now learning how to have a successful career while also prioritizing her family and not feeling guilty about having time with her kids. She looks forward to working more on mastering this as well as learning how to lead others. 

In addition, she is looking forward to seeing what other opportunities she can take advantage of. One of the things that intrigued Kelly the most about the Dave Hooke Team is that it’s not your average real estate group, and a lot is going on beneath the surface. She feels like the sky is the limit, and you can too. 

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