The three steps to maximizing your accountability and meeting your goals.

What are the three steps to getting a hold of your goals? I believe that accountability is the path to freedom. If you want to get stronger and feel better, you need to be accountable for working out and putting the right things in your body. After three months, you will feel better, and you’ll experience the freedom of being fit. This strategy can apply to every part of our lives, so how can you do the same in your business?

The first step is to set a goal that you want to achieve. The next step is to post that goal so you and others can see it. The last step is to meet with a coach or accountability partner once a week to check how you’re doing.

If you want something more, private message me below, and I can give you a copy of my personal wellness assessment, which is a tracking system meant to help you set and keep goals. I can also recommend a few great fitness and real estate coaches.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out at or (717) 216-0860. I’d love to help.

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