Here’s my Q&A conversation with our operations director, Jennakah.

Today I’m here again with another team member spotlight. We’re highlighting one of the most important leaders on our team, Operations Director Jennakah Cloward. 

Dave: How did you end up partnering with our team?

Jennakah: I’ve been here a long time. I started working with the team in high school. I started as an office administrator, and now I work as operations director. At this point, I’ve been here for 13 years, which is about half my life. 

From start to finish, you’ve been on a journey to leadership. Since you’ve had a lot of positions here, why don’t you go through them for us? 

I started off answering the phones and filing paperwork, so pretty standard stuff. From there, I became Dave’s assistant for a year or two before moving to transaction coordinator when he started his team. Finally, I’ve been operations director for about two years. 

You’ve become one of our most important leaders on the team. Since you’ve been here so long, what’s your favorite part about working here? 

The best part for me is all the built-in friendships we have here. I get to work with my friends every day, and that’s priceless. 

So considering everything that you do, what would you say is the hardest part about your job every day?

I would say it’s probably the HR functions of my job. It’s something I didn’t have a ton of experience with before my current position, so I’ve had to learn about it along the way. 

I think you’ve done a great job adapting. There’s never any drama, and I appreciate that. So what are you most excited about in the next few years?

I’m most excited about how fast our team is growing. We’re adding a few new people to the team every week, so things are staying fresh and interesting, even though I’ve been here a long time. 

I am just so grateful for all the help Jennakah’s been to our team. If anyone out there is interested in a career in real estate or would like to know more about Jennakah’s role on our team, give us a call at (717) 216-0860 or send an email to I’m always willing to talk.