Here are the things that allow our agents to do 40 transactions per year.

The average number of transactions per agent per year is 6.5 according to the National Association of Realtors. That’s troubling for many reasons, but the main one is that a client’s experience should be excellent, and we need to be productive agents to advise our clients well. We’re also passionate about net take-home pay here at The Dave Hooke Team, and we want to ensure we’re taking home good money to have the life we want to live with our families. Our agents are doing 40 transactions per year on average, so what three things are helping them accomplish this?

1. Training. We make sure our agents are engaging in some sort of training every day so they can generate eight to 10 transactions themselves. With our new commission split model, they’re paid more for self-generated business. 

“We need to be productive agents to advise our clients well.”

2. Transaction coordination team. Each agent is assigned a team to take all the paperwork and scheduling off their plates so they have more time to do what they do best—interacting with and helping clients. 

3. Setting two new appointments each week. Our appointment-setting team not only drives leads to our agents but also qualifies them and sets two new client appointments for each agent every week. 

If you want to learn more about these three things that help our agents succeed or our appointment-setting process, simply comment below or private message me: “I want to learn more.” We’ll follow up with you and provide copies of all these processes with no obligation. If you have any other questions, reach out to me via phone at (717) 216-0860 or email at I would love to help you.