You can stop meeting with every client and still maximize customer satisfaction.

How can you stop meeting with every client but still maximize customer satisfaction? I get it—we can be control freaks, we have to do everything ourselves, and no one can do it better than us. I felt the same way for many years. 

Then a very wise consultant told me, “Dave, you’re not that important. What people appreciate about you isn’t really you, it’s the standard and systems that you set. They’ve come to expect the level of service you deliver. ” Each of you reading this has a level of service or standard that you habitually deliver. 

The way you can serve every client the same way and still maximize customer satisfaction is to document your process and exactly what your standard of service is. For example, when we list a property, we have 125 steps we follow, which are the same steps I followed when I did it all myself. We still use the same steps because people have come to expect that level of service from us. Get out of the way, and let other people serve your clients in the same way you would.

“Document your process and exactly what your standard of service is.”

If you follow this advice, your clients won’t be expecting you, but your standard of service. This can help you get some of your time back. 

If you’d like a free copy of our contract-to-close checklist, our listing experience, or any of the checklists we use that are documented to train someone in your business or give yourself some extra leverage, call or email us at 717.216.0860 or We hope to speak with you soon.