Drue Richmond has found her calling to make a difference in real estate.

We have a special guest today! Drue Richmond, our sales director, is sharing with us how her real estate journey started and how her career in our team gradually developed.

She began her journey by seeking a career that made a difference and mattered to people. She had worked in internet marketing for years, but it felt unfulfilling compared to the impact her mother had in the Agency on Aging or her husband’s significant career accomplishments. Drue realized she wanted to do something that made a difference in someone’s life.

While under contract to purchase a home, her real estate agent asked if she had ever considered a career in real estate. That was the beginning for her. As a new agent with little industry knowledge, Drue heard that Dave Hooke was hiring a buyer’s agent. Although she didn’t know what that entailed, and the team wasn’t as established as it is today, she felt a strong conviction that this would be her opportunity to find a meaningful career.

“This significant change impacted not only her own life but also her family’s.”

Drue worked as a buyer’s agent for many years before being promoted to the listing side of the team, where she helped sellers make crucial financial decisions. However, she still yearned to make an even bigger impact. As the sales director of the team, she found the opportunity to help other agents find careers that mattered and made a difference in people’s lives.

This significant change impacted not only her own life but also her family’s. Drue is now looking forward to continuing her journey of making a difference for others through her career. She works with leaders in the organization who support agents in developing careers that offer personal and professional freedom, allowing them to do things that matter to other people.

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