Here are three questions to ask yourself about joining a team.

Are you contemplating whether a real estate team could be your ticket to success in the industry? Whether you’re a seasoned agent or just starting out, the idea of joining a real estate team might have crossed your mind. We won’t push you to make a decision, but we will equip you with three essential questions to help you determine if a real estate team is the right path for you:

1. Who are your partners in success? The first question to ask yourself revolves around the people you surround yourself with in your real estate career. Are these individuals helping elevate your performance and holding you accountable for reaching new heights in your business? It’s easy to say “yes” impulsively, but take a moment to reflect. Is the person currently holding you accountable genuinely invested in your future, as much as you are? Are they actively guiding you towards your goals?

“Do you have what you need to support your growth in the direction you desire?”

2. Are you equipped with the necessary resources? The next question to consider is related to the tools and resources available to you. Do you possess all the essential resources required for a thriving real estate career, or do you find yourself lacking some of the necessary assets that could take your business to the next level? Success often depends on having the right tools at your disposal.

3. Do you have people, training, and resources available to you to hone your skills? In the real estate industry, continuous learning and self-improvement are keys to success. Are you actively honing your skills every day? Do you have what you need to support your growth in the direction you desire?

If you’re intrigued and wondering if a real estate team is the right fit for you, we encourage you to reach out to us. Schedule a free strategy session with us by giving us a call at 717-216-0860, sending a message to, or visiting This session can be your stepping stone to discovering if a real estate team aligns with your aspirations and goals.