Over the last 15 years, we’ve tried just about everything related to client appreciation events. Some of them have crashed and burned. Others have been home runs.

Two examples of client appreciation events that have worked for us are our client appreciation cookout and our Thanksgiving pie and pumpkin roll giveaway. We throw both of these events annually and they’re definitely worth the effort.

To pull off events like these, we break them down into five manageable steps that you can use as a guide for setting up your own client appreciation event:

1) Make a list of preferred attendees. We recommend this list be comprised of past clients that have remained local and your local sphere of influence.

“Most of our clients really appreciate these events and look forward to them annually.”

2) Contact the vendors you need to support this event and confirm the dates. For example, the client appreciation cookout typically requires a caterer and a band. The Thanksgiving pie and pumpkin roll giveaway typically requires a bakery.

3) Have a print shop print out potential mail invite proofs. Make sure whichever you choose looks professional and has your logo on it. Also include an RSVP date on them.

4) Send the invites out to your preferred list and schedule a four- to five-hour prospecting time block so you can get on the phone and contact all of your invites personally. You can make sure they got their invite or you can just ask them if they want to RSVP right then and there. This is a critical point most agents forget about, but sometimes people just get too much mail and forget about invites like this. Attendance will be low if you don’t follow up your invites with a phone call. This is also a great opportunity to reconnect with your database.

5) Make connects with all of your attendees at your event and enjoy your time. You’ll get about two to three hours to connect with people you won’t get a chance to connect with any other time of the year.

When done correctly and with consistency, these events can be invaluable to your business. They allow you to connect personally with people you’ve worked with in the past or those who you like and trust. Truthfully, these events also give your clients a great opportunity to make connections they otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to make.

Most of our clients really appreciate these events and look forward to them annually. If you have any other questions about this topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to chat with you soon.