Here’s how you can sell 300 homes per year but not meet with any clients.

How do you sell 300 homes and not meet with a single client? I want to answer this question because about seven years ago I almost quit real estate after a 15-year career. I was selling about 100 homes per year and working seven days a week; I didn’t have much time with my family, team members, or anyone else. 

So I altered my trajectory, and it changed my life. This past year we sold almost 300 homes, I didn’t meet with a single client, and I worked about 3.5 days per week in that business. So I’m sharing three steps for how you can do the same thing:

“I altered my trajectory, and it changed my life. ”

1. 125+ transactions per year. You need to ensure your business is at the level it needs to be to allow you to do what I did.

2. Create position descriptions and checklists. Write these documents that you can hand off to someone on your team to take over certain roles in your business.

3. Recruiting system. Put a system together that helps you hire the right people and train them in their roles.

If you want to learn more about these three steps and get copies of our position descriptions, compensation plans, or anything else, just write “learn more” in the comments below or private message me the same phrase, and I’ll be in touch. If you have questions about any other real estate matter, call me at (717) 216-0860 or email I would love to help you.