Here’s how our team helped Kelly transform her career and life.

Kelly’s career in real estate started unexpectedly. After completing her education and teaching for 15 years, she met Dave Hooke when he handled her home sale. Ever since then, they have kept in touch. 

The connection deepened when their daughter interned for Dave during her high school years, and her husband briefly worked with him, too. After speaking with a friend who was already on the team, she became even more interested. 

Now, Kelly’s been on the team for three years, and she’s achieving milestones she hadn’t anticipated. She’d always dreamed of going into real estate, but she lacked the confidence to make the jump. However, being immersed in this industry has empowered her to recognize and seize opportunities. 

This journey has been transformative, opening doors to experiences and opportunities she never imagined. Recently, she stepped into the role of lead listing agent on the team, a position she’s held for a couple of months. While she doesn’t know what exactly the future holds, she’s excited for whatever comes next!

“Being immersed in this industry has empowered her to recognize and seize opportunities.”

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