I sit down and talk with one of our amazing agents: Sinjin Martin.

I’m excited to interview Sinjin Martin. He’s been on the team for some time, so I wanted to have him share his story with all of you.

When did you start on the Dave Hooke Team and why?

June of 2018. Back then I had been an independent agent, and I just knew that I needed a bit of help with my business—some accountability. I came over and talked with the team, and here we are.

I’m glad you did. You’ve had quite a journey; tell us where you started and what you’re doing now?

When I joined the team, I came on as a buyer’s agent, which was my primary focus. Over the last couple of years, I’ve moved over to listing agent. I help the majority of our clients when they decide they want to sell their homes.

What’s your favorite part of the job and the team?

The favorite part of my job is working with the people here. I guess that’s a two-fold answer. I love meeting new people, figuring out where they are in life, hearing their dreams, and being a small part of that process.

“I’m honored to be in business with Sinjin Martin.”

You do meet a lot of people; you’ve served how many families in the past year?

I think I helped around 115 people last year, which is really exciting. 

What’s the biggest challenge with your job?

Right now, people who call us to sell their properties don’t always expect the reason why they’re selling. Sometimes, it’s a celebration but, other times, they’re going through a challenging part of their lives. Going through the different emotions with that can be a bit challenging. You wear a little bit of it yourself.

As you think about the next three years, what are you most excited about?

Being here and seeing how everyone grows. It’s always fun to look back at the last three years, see where we are now, and dream about the future. It’s hard to say exactly; a lot can change in a single year. I guess I’m looking forward to memories that will be made in the future: time spent on the water with friends.

It has been amazing to see Sinjin’s journey—to take him through the career visioning process, and learn what he values. I have no question that he’s going to get to what financial and professional freedom look like for him. I’m honored to be in business with him. 

If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell, give Sinjin a call. Maybe you just have a question about joining a real estate team. We’d love to be a resource for you whether you’re in our market or a totally different state. Just give us a call at 717-216-0864 or email us at Dave@DaveHookeTeam.com