I speak with Paige Odom about the team, her career so far, and more.

Today I’m excited to be speaking with a fantastic member of The Dave Hooke Team, Paige Odom. I’ll ask her about why she joined the team, what she does for us, and more.

Paige, could you tell our audience when and why you joined The Dave Hooke Team?

I joined the team in March 2021, and the main reason was that I wanted to work somewhere that could help me grow my business. I’ve been working with Keller Williams for years, so I knew how great this team was. I knew there wouldn’t be a better place to grow my career.

I’m so glad you joined our team, and everyone else is too. You’re one of the most positive people I’ve ever met, and your attitude brightens everyone’s day. Not a lot of people know we have specialty roles on the team, so could you share what you do for us? 

Sure! I’m a buyer’s agent, so my job is to help people purchase a home. This includes helping them navigate the transaction, but it’s also about building lasting relationships.

“‘I feel like I’ve truly grown as a buyer’s agent since I joined the team.’”

What’s your favorite thing about your job and the team in general?

My favorite thing about my job is that it’s constantly changing. I’m always meeting new people, seeing new homes, and having new experiences. As far as the team is concerned, I love that it’s a diverse group of people who mesh really well together. The family culture is fantastic.

What’s the biggest challenge in your current role?

When I first joined the team, it was hard to let go of all the responsibility I had as an independent agent. Before, I was responsible for every aspect of my business. On the team, everything is specialized so we can give our clients the best experience possible. It was hard to let go, but with all that extra weight off my shoulders, I feel like I’ve truly grown as a buyer’s agent since I joined the team.

As you look forward to the next few years, what are your main goals?

I want to grow my business, generate sustained success, and thrive in the industry!

I would like to thank Paige once again for speaking with me today. If you have any questions about Paige’s journey or if you are interested in joining the team yourself, please call us at 717-216-0860 or email at dave@davehooketeam.com. We look forward to hearing from you!