How to provide professional and financial freedom to your team.

How do you ensure that team members and agents in your brokerage or real estate company have increased opportunities as your business grows? Retention and stagnancy are big problems for our industry. If you’re a broker or the owner of a real estate company, how do you solve this issue? Follow these three steps:

1. Have a clear vision that will allow you to be a growing company, as well as a strategy to support that vision. We use a document called a V/TO, collected from the book “Traction” to develop that process.

“Retention and stagnancy are big problems for our industry.”

2. Understand your team members’ visions. Clarify with everyone in your organization exactly what professional and financial freedom looks like for them in the next three to five years—that is their vision.

3. Connect your company’s growing vision with each team member’s vision so that you can identify opportunities for your team to grow into what freedom looks like for them. We call that our “Quarterly 555,” and it’s a regular evaluation to make sure that we’re matching members with increased opportunities and responsibilities for their career growth.

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