Ask these two questions of people you speak with double your business!

I’m sharing two questions to ask that can double your real estate business. If you ask these two questions of multiple people per day for about a year, I guarantee you’ll see a huge increase in your business:

1. What are your biggest fears about the process? By asking that question of anyone you’re speaking to about real estate, you will learn more about their mindset and hidden emotions than almost any other question. I find this extremely valuable to help me relate to them, earn their trust, and understand their needs.

“Asking these questions of many people will increase your business.”

2. Is there anything I can do for you that’s not real estate related? We ask this of our database and potential clients who aren’t even considering buying or selling right now. Can I help you find a contractor or financial advisor? Tell them you don’t need to be compensated for this, you just want to help with what they need right now. 

We train our agents to ask these two questions, and I encourage you to ask them as much as we do. 

If you have any other questions or want to collaborate on how to grow your real estate business, I’d love to do a free strategy session with you. Just reach out via phone or email. I hope we connect soon.