Here’s our three-step process for getting your nights and weekends back.

How do you get your nights and weekends back as a real estate agent? This is a crucial question because real estate is a tough business when you’re busy, and it’s even more difficult to serve your clients at a deep level and have your own life at the same time. You also deserve to have some time of your own. So there’s a three-step process to getting your nights and weekends back: 

1. Create an expectation-setting document. Review this document at each new client appointment. Ensure it sets your office hours and some boundaries around when you’ll communicate with them.

“You can have some nights and weekends to yourself, even as a real estate agent.”

2. Leverage someone who handles the administrative processes. We have a transaction coordination department on our team just for that purpose.

3. Have a showing agent. This agent will help show your buyer clients homes so that you can check out and be with your family on some nights and weekends. We also have a showing agent concierge on our team.

If you want a more in-depth copy of our three-step process so you can implement it into your business, just type “3-step process” in the comments below or private message me the same phrase, and I’ll follow up with you. If you have questions about any other real estate matter, call me at (717) 216-0860 or email I would love to speak with you.