Three things every new agent needs to succeed in this business.

Are you wondering what it takes to earn $100,000 or more in your first few years in real estate? Many agents today feel different from those who entered the business a year or two ago when the market was hot, leads were easy to come by, and the business seemed like a breeze. Now that things have changed, it’s important to have clarity, direction, and motivation. Here are three things that can help you achieve success in real estate:

1. Daily training. This is critical to success in real estate. At our team, we train for 30 minutes every morning from Monday to Thursday, and we’ve been doing this for five years. Imagine being in an environment where you wake up every morning and train side by side with a group of people who are learning and growing together. This creates a high-energy, engaging environment that can change your business.

2. Accountability. This is the key to freedom in your business. Without accountability, you’ll find yourself saying no to vacations and other things that you and your family want to do because you haven’t met your commitments. At our team, we send a report at 11 p.m. to help team members stay accountable to their commitments. We have a scorecard to track progress and provide visibility. This isn’t to shame anyone; instead, it’s to help them stay on track.

“Accountability is the key to freedom.”

3. Lead partnership. Partnering with a great organization that generates leads and expects you to generate your own business can mitigate the highs and lows of the real estate business. Our team provides between 25 and 45 leads per month per agent, either an appointment set by our ISA or leads that go directly to their inbox. We work with team members on training and accountability to help them generate their own business, and we partner with them on leads. This partnership can bring energy, life, and freedom back to your business.

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