How Josh Perchinski left his bank teller job to become an agent.

What’s your real estate career story? Today, Josh Perchinski, one of our agents, is sharing with us how he started in this industry, and where he is now. 

Josh started in banking, but he didn’t feel very fulfilled. As a front teller, he didn’t feel like his job truly mattered, so when he had the opportunity to move with his wife, he decided it was time for a career change. Josh always wanted to help make a difference in people’s lives. Eventually, he got his license as an agent and started his career in real estate.  

During his first year, he found himself lacking accountability. He wanted to grow his business and do better at serving his clients, which was why he joined the Dave Hooke Team. From there, he was able to get more business and provide his clients with much better service through the training he received and by following his work ethics.

“Josh focuses more on consulting, negotiating, and guiding his clients.”

He was making a profitable income, but he realized that he was slowly losing sight of his main goal—to serve and focus on people. Josh met with his mentor to have a conversation on how he could maximize the leverage that he had and use it to help him get closer to his goals. 

This changed the way he defined his job. Instead of just showing properties, writing contracts, and doing the paperwork, he focused more on consulting, negotiating, and guiding his clients. Now, he’s at a point where he mentors other real estate professionals and works as our team’s lead buyer’s agent. 

Josh is at a comfortable place in his job and has no plans of growing his sales business, but he would like to improve his leadership and help other agents just like him. If you’d like to learn more about how Josh kick-started his career in real estate or have any other related questions, call (717) 216-0860 or email Click here to get all of our latest community and listing updates: I’d love to connect with you!