Sinjin’s experience in the industry and working with the Dave Hooke Team.

Sinjin Martin is one of our agents. Today we want to tell you a little bit about how he got into real estate and what his experience has been like.

Right out of high school, Sinjin realized that the standard four-year degree wasn’t for him. He enrolled in community college and got a job at a Belgian restaurant. Sinjin loved the restaurant industry because working with a team was a lot of fun. However, due to long night shifts, he decided that it was time for a change.

Sinjin loved the team atmosphere, the high energy, and meeting new people, but he wanted to remove aspects that weren’t conducive to starting a family. Growing up, his parents invested in real estate, so it was something that was always around. After talking with them, he decided to give it a shot and become a real estate agent.

“The Dave Hooke Team gave Sinjin a path to financial and personal freedom.”

When Sinjin became an independent agent, he realized that there were some things about the job that he was really good at and some things that really gave him energy. At a house party, a friend brought up the opportunity of joining the team. That was a tough decision because he felt like if he left the place he started, he’d be letting people down. However, his mom gave him some wise words: “If you really care about these people, and they really care about you, they’re not going to be upset that you left to go and do something better.”

Hearing that made the decision clear. Sinjin knew his business lacked accountability and coaching, and he knew he could take it to the next level. He made the transition to the Dave Hooke Team and found a team with wonderful energy, structure, accountability, and coaching that gives him the ability to grow his family’s life.

One of the most exciting parts of the team for Sinjin is career visioning. That’s a process where you sit down and talk about the things that you really like about the job, and it allows you to design a life that’s perfect for you. Without a team, he wouldn’t have gotten to where he is right now. It’s given him a path to financial and personal freedom.

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